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    Adding Comments to a Record

    Kevin McGovern

      Hi all, first off I want to thank you for your help in advance.  I'm looking to build a dashboard where one of the requirements is that users be able to enter comments on a record via the ajax client and other users be able to see those comments and add change as well.  I haven't found a straightforward way of doing this but I was hoping someone might be able to come up with something unique.  The avenues we've explored are:


      1) Using an input field for the comments and a macro that exports the primary key and the comments field to a file that is then used as a datasource on the next reload.  This proved to be a dead end as server exports are not supported on QV instance.

      2) We've looked at the notes and annotations feature but that's at the screen level rather than the individual record level so it will not be sufficient.

      3) We've talked about creating an extension object that connects to a web service that could provide this functionality but we'd like to avoid going this route due to the extensive development efforts required. 

      4) Our last ditch effort is to create a link that will redirect the user to an external system where comments can be entered then used as a datasource. 


      I appreciate any insight into potential alternatives where users can share their comments.  Thanks!