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    Date Format

    Alec Harf

      Hi guys,


      I have loaded a date field coming from Sharepoint list and the format in it  MMM DD YYYY


      I am trying to change the format so I did Date(Fieldname,''M/D/YYYY') as Date1


      But the result wasn't as expected. the field is not ahowing any data in it.


      I am not sure if that's because QV is not recognizing the field as date?!


      Please let me know your thoughts.




        • Re: Date Format
          Alan Farrell

          You need to put the Input Format and then the Output format


          Like below


          DATE( DATE#( FieldName, 'MMM D YYYY'), 'YYYY-MM-DD') as Date1


          That should do it


          DATE# converts the Input Date to a serial number and the Output format ensures it reads the serial number and converts that to the correct date format