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    OLEDB read failed

      After an OLEDB CONNECT TO claue I am trying to use the following SQL statement in my QlikView Script:


      SQL SELECT * FROM [JBVProcessDB01].[dbo].[tblEvent01]



      SELECT MAX(DateTime) as LatestDate, [sFieldValue0]

      FROM [JBVProcessDB01].[dbo].[tblEvent01]

      Group by sFieldValue0

      ) SubMax

      on [JBVProcessDB01].[dbo].[tblEvent01].DateTime = SubMax.LatestDate

      and [JBVProcessDB01].[dbo].[tblEvent01].sFieldValue0 = SubMax.sFieldValue0 and lFieldValue2 > 2


      But when I run the script I get an error message stating that "OLEDB read failed". This SQL query works fine in SQL management studio, and I have tested my OLEDB CONNECT TO statement which also works.


      So what can be the problem here?