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    First day of using QlikView Personal and running into problems

      I am trying to get to grips with QlikView Personal to simplify some monthly reports that I run.


      The report I am trying to generate is for our Monthly Sales Report by Salesman.  I have a spreadsheet with all the Account Numbers against the Salesman Names, and have edited the connection in QlikView to connect to the SQL Database where the invoice information is stored.


      I have managed to bring up the data into a table, but would like to pre-format the table as follows:


      Month         Jan      Feb      Mar      Apr     May     Jun     etc





      I would like to then have a drop down to select the year to show their turnover, and then create a linked chart to show the Customers allocated to a chosen salesman and how they make up the monthly figure


      I have the table almost complete, but no idea on how to merge down the months instead of showing separate dates?


      Can anyone help a novice out on this please?


      Many thanks in advance