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    Sync sorting between Pivot & straight table

    Paul Johansson



      I have a quite intricate sorting question.


      I have two objects. One pivot table & one straight table (see attached). I align the straight table beside the pivot table to show minicharts.

      The simple setup is:


      Pivot Table dimensions:


      Pivot Table expression:

      Straigt table dimensions
      Category (hidden)
      KPI (hidden)


      Straight table expression
      Sum(value)   presented as a minichart using dimension Week



      Since I obviously want a row in the Pivot table to correpsond to the minichart I sort both objects on Category & KPI. However, since the week dimension is not in the straight table (only in the expression presented as the minichart) Im not allwod to sort the straight table on weeks!

      This leads to that i dont understand how i should sync the sort between the two objects. NOTE! sorting works until a selection is made!

      Any ideas are welcome! How have you solved a similar problem?




      Thanks in advance,