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    Multiple tasks on the same document fail



      I've tried a lot of times without success, so this post is my last chance to know whether that is possible or not.

      The thing is, I have a template document which has many tasks created in Qlikview publisher. I pass a different parameter in the reload tab of every task to distinguish which "data" every task has to get when querying the DB. The result of this reload is saved in an independent document folder for each task. These tasks are launched hourly all at the same time.

      When the tasks are executed, some of them end up with error, because Qlikview publisher saves the source document before distributing to the destination folder and as many tasks are run in the same time they try to save the document at the same time causing an error.

      I succeed in doing it by having many source documents with just one task each.

      But the question is if that is possible to do as the source document is always the same.


      Qlikview Server and Publisher 11 SR2