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    Reload task failed after all the script tables loaded in QV 11 publisher server

      Hi Support team @ qlikview,


      We are using qv 11SR1 in our project and has Windows 8 with Intel® Xeon® Processor L5640 2.27GHz (2 processsors) having 6 cores and 256 GB ram.


      We have two publisher servers installed seperately and they are clustered.


      We have total 8 tasks which are scheduled to run paralellay at same time. In this sceario we are facing task reload failure at random occurances.


      At some times the qvw refreshes all the tables but at the final stage the task shows as failed.


      When checked server log I have noticed that the script is getting loaded and all the data is saved to qvw and then the qlikview engine is closed succesfully. And immediately the same document was gettting opened as distribution activity and for this also it is trying to allocate one qlikview engine. At this point of time for some of the task it fails and shows the message as

      "Attempted to load the document with data" & "Document failed to open" , this message is coming after the document is reloaded, saved and closed.


      I have a doubt on the above as when the application has got reloaded with all the tables in script and saved them to QVD and closed, why there is another qv engine start and try's to open the document for distribution.


      And this is the Raw extraction and does not hold any data in qvw file and everything is saved into qvd format for next level application and that too we are not distributing any of our QVW files to any where.


      Why this distribution activity it starting and where to stop this, I mean let the reload engines should run but not the distribution engines. are there any settings to change this.


      I am thinking that because of this, QVB engines are getting exceeded to allocate and the issue occures. this is only my assumption.


      Kindly understand the problem and provide the suggestions / solutions / advice if any thing wrongly configured to fix this issue asap.


      Thank you all in advance and hope to get solution asap.