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    Expression calculation

    Kristian König



      i would apreciate any help on this matter:


      I have 2 tables


      Table 1:

      PP, Artikl, SalesID, Salesamount


      Table 2:

      PP, SalesID, Salesamount, Refer on SalesID


      What i need:


      1. I need an new chart table with PP, salesamount, number of Sales IDs but only for sales IDs with sum(salesamount) >300

      2. Br. specifikacija should show Count(Distinct SalesIDs) that are >300 and SalesIDs that where refunded (the sum Salesamount should after the refund be still >300)


      F. ex. in the table "kalkulacija" you see that SALESID 868686 is a refund of InvoiceID "od Fakture" 11718-05-1. The formula needs to calculate for every salesID if there was a refund and then with it check the sum(salesamount) if >300. And the refund column should show -358.68 on SalesID 868664.


      I am sure the formula in table "result" is wrong and i am something missing.


      In the example PP NR: 211302 should have in table result. Promet 338.68 and Br. specifikacija 1.


      File attached, thank you in advance. I hope somebody can help me.