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    connect to QlikView Publisher

    Steffen Prendke


      how can I open a qvw-document which is lying on the QlikView Publisher on a server:

      I have try this:

      Application qlikViewApp = new Application();

      Doc qlikViewDoc = qlikViewApp.OpenDoc("qvp://MYUSERNAME@MYSERVER:MYPORT/MYFILE.qvw", "MYUSER", "MYPASSWORD");


      But this is not working, also how can I check which QlikView Documents, are on the QVP.

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          Steffen Prendke


          has nobody some tips for me. A problem that I recognized is, that the user must still insert the password in an formular.

          Please can you give me some tips.

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              I think it's too late, but it'll be useful for others.

              The best way to get rid of password request is use of kerberos tickets.



              To open doc:

              qlikViewApp.OpenDocEx("qvp://<host>/<filename>.qvw??ticket=<ticket>", 1, false, "MYUSER", "MYPASSWORD");



              To get ticket:

              var request = WebRequest.Create("http://<host>/QvAjaxZfc/GetTicket.aspx?admin=");

              var str = "<Global method=\"GetTicket\"><UserId>MYUSER</UserId></Global>";

              request.ContentLength = str.Length;

              request.Method = "POST";

              request.Credentials = new NetworkCredential("MYUSER","MYPASS");

              var writer = new StreamWriter(request.GetRequestStream());



              var responce = request.GetResponse();



              Best regards.