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    Aggr and sum if formula

      I need to create a formula that will count the number of sales agents who have a presentation count within the presentation count bucket that I have created in the expression part of a straight table.   I have a criteria that the presentation must meet before I can count the agent in my sum.


      I am creating a straight table with presentation count buckets at the top.


      I am trying to get my formula to sum the count of agents who have 1 presentation a week where that sale premium is >= $600.


      My problem is that my expression is counting all sales regardless of the premium amount.  So if the agent had 2 sales; Sale A had a premium of $200 and SaleB had a premium $1200 then the agent would be counted in the PresentationCount=1 bucket.



      (aggr(if(count([presentationcount])=1 and






      Sum({$<part3={'*california*'}>}part3.premium) >= 600, 1, 0), [AgentName],Week))






      Any help is greaty appreciated.  Thanks!