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    Settings conflict? Something is boycotting QV - please help

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have the issue that, in a straight table diagram - or rather, on it - I have some textboxes that I only want to be displayed under certain circumstances. Principally, I know how to do that - in the properties dialog, on the "layout" tab, there is an area "display". There I tick the radiobutton "condition" and write like the condition-part of an IF function, e.g. >>  Getcurrentfield(Mygroup)='Level'  << - no "=", only the condition itself.

      Correct so far?


      Well, it does not work - the textbox should now disappear when the condition is not met, but it doesn't. I have also consulted an external consultant who confirmed that I was doing everything right and on his PC it worked when doing it exactly so - but that doesn't help matters ;-)


      I do know by now that settings in different places in QlikView can influence one another - e.g. cell colour: That can be set via the context menu "cell formatting", but also on the "visual" tab of the properties dialog - and those settings are both applied, causing unexpected results.

      Can anybody think of anything in the sheet_settings, document_settings, user_settings or elsewhere that might disable this conditional display?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,