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    LDAP query Active Directory for field 'description' array

      Dear all,

      I'm trying to get some informational data out of active directory via LDAP connection.








      SQL select

          name, type, description   

      FROM 'LDAP://$(RootDse)'  WHERE objectCategory='Computer'



      This is an example with just 3 fields. name, type, description,

      while name and type will load correctly. but 'description' will always be empty in qlikview (but not NULL), although there is definitely a value into this AD-field.

      May it be that this field is an array and if yes, how would it be possible to get the value into my query?

      Any help is very appreciated.



        • Re: LDAP query Active Directory for field 'description' array
          Rikab Kothari


          The QVW which tries to load the data from LDAP loads only the partial data frequently. We are unable to find the root cause of the issue as the QVW doesn't fails but it loads only the partial data.Can someone please help us to identify the root cause of the issue. It has been happening from quite a long time but we didn't succeed in finding the root cause of the issue. Hope someone can help us for the same.