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    Conditional Load



      I'm relatively new to qlikview. I tried searching the archives for this, but couldn't find anything. My apologies if this is a common question and i missed it.


      I have two qvw files. One pulls data from multiple sources and stores it into QVD files. The other pulls data from the QVD files and displays a dashboard for end users.


      Data becomes available from the different sources once per day. I have a table in my SQL server that checks when data is available  and gives a STATUS and a DATE. So, if Data from a one database is available, we'll have DATE=today and STATUS=2 (STATUS=0 if its not available and 1 if its loading).


      What I'd like to do is load the data streams independently. What I'd like to do is load the DATE and STATUS for each data stream then do a condiional load. Something like:


      if DATE=today AND STREAM1STATUS=2 then

      //LOAD STREAM 1

      //store into qvd

      end if


      if DATE=Today and STREAM2STATUS=2 then

      //LOAD STREAM 2

      //store into qvd

      end if


      ...and so on. New data is not appended to old data. Old data is wiped out when new data arrives. However, if new data is unavailable, we don't want to wipe out old data.


      Is there an easy way to do this?