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    Select button is greyed

      Hello everyone,


      Hope everyone's ok.


      Here's the thing :

      I'm trying to connect on Redshift database , after testing the connexion (see attached pic) , the Select button is still greyed, So I can't access to the tables.

      How come?

      The weirdest thing is in my own laptop everything work fine....


      I'm goin crazy, please help me

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          Nate Hallquist

          I would think this is a credentials issue.  I would verify the account that is being used and make sure that the Account has access to the Database and that the password is correct.  Also, what is different between your Laptop and the PC you are using?  There might be a clue there, maybe a Domain Laptop and a non-domain PC? 

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              Daniel Rozental

              This isn't really a QlikView product issue, you should contact TIQ Solutions. I believe Ralf Becher works at TIQ Solutions, he often posts in the Connectivity and Datasources community.


              The fact that the Select button is greyed out does not imply the connection would not work. If you know the tables and fields you could try writing the code and see if it works.