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    Text object to display cyclic chart nulls?

      Hi everyone,


      I have a cyclic chart with lots of dimensions to cycle through.  Due to joins, some of these dimensions have a lot of null records.  I have surpressed nulls for all dimensions in the cycle to make the bars more distinguishable from each other.  However, I'd still like to know the expression value for these nulls.


      Is it possible to create a text object that will display the current cycle's expression value for just the dimensions that are null?  Without having to build separate code for every single cycle?



      For example, I have:

      Fruit | Quantity

      Apple: 54

      Orange: 32

      Lemon: 65

      - : 1200


      I can then cycle to:

      Vegetable | Quantity

      Lettuce: 125

      Carrot: 88

      - : 1575



      I surpressed the nulls, but if I'm on cycle Fruit, I want a separate text object to display 1200.  If I'm on cycle Vegetable, I want that text object to display 1575.  Note that I have over 30 cycles, so I'd like to avoid having 30 separate IF statements if possible.


      Thank you