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    Problem ctd. - display of last drilldown level in a textbox

    Friedrich Hofmann



      [I'm sorry, but I have to give a little background so you will understand my exact problem - feel free to read just the second part first and read this if needed].


      I actually had this problem before and it was satisfactorily solved, but by now I have made some changes and it doesn't work quite satisfactorily anymore:

      In my current document (a straight table diagram), I have two different datasets:

      - Variable turnover (that's basically all the data from our database) where I calculate the actual turnover based on the fields - but it's not actually in one of the
         fields, it is calculated only in the diagram.

      - Fixed turnover: That comes from an Excel sheet that is concatenated to one of the tables and the amount is in a separate field (that has a 0 value in all other

      Now, because I have a drilldown group and the variable turnover can be broken down in certain categories, but the fixed costs cannot - there are nine items that constitute the fixed costs - I could not use the same fieldname in my drilldown group, else the diagram would display the subcategories only valid for fixed costs on the next-lower detail_level of the variable turnover and v.v. - so I implemented a dynamic dimension in my drilldown group. And here comes the problem:



      I have a dynamic dimension (an IF-clause deciding which of two fields to use) in a drilldown group. That seems to work fine - only something else based on this does not: I have a textbox always displaying the last_selection_made in this drilldown group - that is, it displays the next_upper level and the exact item the user has just drilled into.

      The code of this is:


      = pick(match(GetCurrentField(Ebene), 'Umsatzart', 'Zuordnung_Fix', 'Zuordnung_Var', 'Packplatz', 'CommentCode', 'DeliveryBin'), ('ShipDay:'), ('Umsatzart: ' & Umsatzart), ('Umsatzart: ' & Umsatzart),
      ('Zuordnung: '& Zuordnung_Var), ('Packplatz: '&Packplatz), ('CommentCode: '&CommentCode))


      The trouble is: In the places where I have specified 'Zuordnung_Fix' and 'Zuordnung_Var', respectively, the textbox does not display anything because QlikView doesn't recognize those names - it knows only that IF formula. I can enter something in the label field for that formula, but that is disregarded as it seems.

      Can anybody help me in finding how I can get that textbox to work again? Can I maybe put that formula in a variable or something?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,