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    Can I install the QlikView Client Software on the QVS Server?

    Ian Simmons



      Our QlikView install is fairly new (version 11, just gone live) and we have just one pilot application running so far, with some success. Our two QVS administrators don't have a 64-bit PCs yet and won't for some time, unlike the Designers / Developers; so they cannot install the Client software locally. They don't do any design or development but need to be able to check document properties (security, hidden script, etc.).


      They use RDP to access QMC and the server itself. Is there any harm in installing the client software onto the server (running Windows 2008 R2), so they can access document properties? Would it conflict with the server installation? Or is it wiser to install 32-but clients on their PCs with reduced data so they can open the documents?