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    IdevioAnimator, making animations in QlikView and IdevioMaps

    Patric Nordström

      Hi, for those who are into animation and perhaps mapping, we've just released an animation control in IdevioMaps. The animation is handled by a separate extension object so it works not only with our map extension but for any QlikView object. There is a "Animate" option for charts but it doesn't work in the ajax client, so we decided to build an extension for it.

      Basically the extension uses the current selection of a dimension and then steps through it by selecting one by one. The dimension can be anything, for instance months, hours, seasons, crime types, age span etc etc. There are settings for number of steps and the pause between updates.

      Here's a little screenvideo of what it can look like:


      Want to try it out? Just let me know and we will send you an evaluation kit.


      Patric Nordström