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    Dynamic Graph Lines

    Richard Payne

      I am creating a line chart which consists of the total dollar amount of all records by dates.

      Each record has one of four transaction types: Shipments, POS, Returns, Adjustments.

      I am attempting to create a line chart which has 5 lines, each of them "toggle-able", where you can choose which of the five (including total of all four) you wish to see on the chart at a given time. I have created an inline selection of these transaction types, and the set analysis expression which corresponds to them. Now I can toggle between the transaction types, but I wish to have the ability to have any of the given expressions on the chart at a given time.

      What am I missing?

        • Dynamic Graph Lines
          John Witherspoon

          There's probably a better way, but see attached example. I created it, then realized you'd already attached an example to play with. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to get it to behave in your file, and I didn't feel like debugging. So it's just my file.

          I think in version 9 you might be able to put the condition on the presentation tab. Might be more straightforward. Not sure.