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    Test Server required for upgrade?

      Dear Community,


      Interested in your feedback on this.


      We have been (happily) using version 8 for a while.  Our company have started using Salesforce.com and I think I need to be on a newer version of QV to take advantage of the connector.


      In order to do this we need to purchase additional hardware for the new version as V11 requires more oomph.


      My plan was to install QV11 on the new hardware, migrate and test then when ready turn off the old server.


      My thought was to use a 'temporary/evaluation' license for less than a week on the new hardware and version to prove it works them move the 'real' license to the new hardware and be done.  I have done a similar process before when moving from an older version to version 8.


      I am being told now though that this is no longer possible and I need to purchase a test server for this purpose.  A test server costs 50% of cost of your production server license.  This is a lot of money.


      Is this correct?


      Accepting the fact that having a 'Test/Development' environment and a production environment is in itself probably not a bad idea, how are others managing this upgrade?  Do you simply shutdown your existing QV environment until such times as the new environment is back?  Do you purchase the test server?


      Any thoughts an opinions greatly appreciated.