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    avg lead time with number order dimension in a chart

    Andrea Rebora

      Hi ,

      I would make a chart with dimension "N.OrdFor" (Order number supplier) and an expression that shows a "order extimated arrival date" for incoming orders.


      I have "OrderDate" in the script

      I have "OrderArrivalDate" ( is the date when the order has arrived, obviously if the order has not  arrived yet this field is empty)



      I don't have a "Supplier Lead time " field  in the script , but I can extrapolate it with this expression ?


      AVG(OrderArrivalDate-OrderDate) only for the orders that has already arrived, for the incoming orders it not works


      What should be the correct expression?


      (I made this one =DATE(OrderDate+Aggr(Avg(DataCaricoForn-DataOrdForn),RagSocForn),'DD/MM/YYYY')


      Many thanks