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    Staggering labels on chart


      I have a line chart that shows an expression over weekly values.  There are many values for the "week" dimension value, so I don't want to show all of these on the x axis as it will look cluttered.  Ideally I only want to show a few - perhaps the first, last and two inbetween.  I know you can use the 'stagger labels' function but this does every other value and is not quite what I want.


      I have been trying to achieve this by creating a rank of the week number and then use this to conditional set the font colour of the axis label e.g. set rank 1, 5 and 8 to black and the rest to white (using a chart with a white background).  Therefore this would hide all but 3 labels.  However, haven't managed to get it to work as yet.  The advantage to this approach (if I can get it working) is that it will keep the gridlines (you lose them if the dimension label is not shown).


      Any ideas most welcome.