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    Prevent overlap filters



      I am a beginner in QlikView and I try to solve a problem. I think, there is no solution for this, but maybe there is one solution which i don't know.


      Here the overview of my tables:





      Well, i have a table "Salesperson" and a table "Profit Center". With another table(SpPc) I combine this two tables.

      Every salesperson has a budget (table Budget). This budget is segmented in profit centers. The orders are stored in the table "SalesHeader". Also the orders are segmented in profit centers.


      Well, I want to show the budgets an the orders in a privot table. This works very good.


      But if i want to set a filter to an month (SalesHeader.Date), then the filter hides also some data from table Budget. I know, this is right, because maybe there are only orders with profit centers 1 and 2, so the rest will be hidden. But the user wants to see also the Budget from other profit centers, for example 3 and 4.


      Is there a possibility, to filter only the SalesHeader? Of course i can use applymap, but i want to show both tables in one privot table.


      Thank you and sorry for my english!