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    Object Out of Memory problem

    Mark Hay Jørgensen



      I'm having a problem with one of our Qlikview applications, after the lunchtime reload of data.


      Suddenly when loading a chart in one of the sheets we are experiencing the "Object Out of Memory" error.

      I find this very incomprehensible, because the server has more than enough free memory to handle it.


      I read a couple of other threads in the community regarding this error, but didn't really seem to find anything usefull.


      Is there any way to configure an application to handle charts with this larger amount of data, that has put the chart in this application "over the edge"?

      It is not because the size has grown excessively from the last reload, but it has indeed been enough for the server to get choked on it.


      Any way to tweak and fix this problem would be appreciatet. I'm not looking for a way to slim down what is initially shown in the chart, because the server has plenty of "spare power" and the users have been used to the way it works, so getting the server to handle it would be first priority.