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    Duplicate data when linking tables

    Michael Vassallo



      I have a project table where one field is a date, and I want to link / join it with a master calendar. Therefore, when I select a year or month, records from this table should be selected.


      Having created a master calendar table and linked it with the project table (by the date field), Qlikview is considering the records as separate. For example, I am having the following:


      Date               ProjectName

      02/09/2013     'Project1'

      02/09/2013     -

      03/09/2013     -

      04/09/2013     -


      I would like to have only one record for the date '02/09/2013' (in this case), or more than one only if there are more project names on the same date. Furthermore, when I select the year '2013', only the record with no project name is being selected.


      I tried to do a left join with the project table but still no success. I also tried to format the date field from both the project table and the master calendar table as Date, Num or text, but still no success.


      Do you have any idea why this is happening please?


      Thanks in advance!