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    Reload in Server

    Simone Spanio

      Hi, I'm a dev but I'm doing everything and in a pair of weeks I'll follow the training for Server.


      We have a customer with QlikView Server Small Business Ed. 11 and I have some problems:


      1. how can I set the data reload in Access Point? With previous customers I used a macro but for this I used a "trigger" too... it was in Documents-->Source Documents. Now, in this customer, I can't find Source Documents... maybe because there are not Publisher installed? How can I reload data with a button in the qvw without Publisher? Can I do this?
      2. If I try to open a qvw with Open In Server, I insert usr/psw and the document opens, but I can't modifiy the script (the button is disabled). What is wrong?


      Thanks a lot for your help...



        • Re: Reload in Server
          Bill Britt



          1. You don't have a Source Documents because you are not running Publisher. On the reloading from the access point, I don't think there is a easy way to do that.


          2.  When you use the desktop client to do a open in server, this is a read only function. It is the same as using IE and the plug-in.