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    Error: "Too many document CALs allocated"

      I'm fairly new to QlikView. I have a dashboard/report that I want to make available to view, here's what I'm doing:


      In the QlikView Management Console, I'm selecting the Documents tab and highlighting the relevant report.


      Where it says Number of CALs allocated to this Document: I am entering 1 then clicking Apply.


      The message I then see is Too many document CALs allocated.


      Selecting Allow dynamic CAL assignment makes no difference.


      If I just try to assign a user, I can click on Manage Users, select a name and apply the selection to the Selected Users box. When I click off the tab and back again, the name has disappeared.


      I know I have 45 User CALs available and 39 are used on other reports so I have 6 to spare.


      So how do I assign a user to a report?