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    Set Analysis

      This should be an easy one for most people.....



      I am trying to sum the hits for a distinct date, dayused is in the format DD/MM/YYYY 00:00:00




      ({$<DISTINCT dayused>}hits)


      This is not however working? Any suggestions? Do I have the DISTINCT in the wrong place?



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          hi steve,

          if dayused is a dimension in your chart, or if you are selecting dayused in a filter, then you shouln't need set analysis, just a sum of the hits.

          if dayused is a variable and you are trying to show the hits for the variable's date you will the following syntax>


          sum ({$<DayUserDateField={'$(dayused)'}>} hits)



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              dayused is a dimension, so I simply created an expression of sum(hits), however, the results come out as per below;


              The problem I have is that there are a number of hits by various people, for example,


              uuid           dayused                         hits               addr_formatted               sum(hits)

              496833          02/04/2013                    1                    Steve Wood                    1

              496833          02/04/2013                    7                    John Wood                      7

              496833          02/04/2013                    8                    Sandra Wood                  8


              so it is not giving me the hits per day but instead summing the hits per addr_formatted.



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                  Actually when I remove the addr_formatted field as a dimension it sums the hits by physical number


                  so for example I have 3 people with 1 hit, 1 person with 7 hits and 1 person with 8 hits, the results now show as


                  uuid           dayused                         hits                            sum(hits)

                  496833          02/04/2013                    1                                      3

                  496833          02/04/2013                    7                                      7

                  496833          02/04/2013                    8                                      8

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                    Gysbert Wassenaar

                    try sum(total <dayused> hits)