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    GetFieldSelections in set analysis

    Richard Lucas

      I have seen a few examples of loading scripts with a "current month" flag and "last year flag" etc, but I do not think it works for my example.

      I have "Month" and "Year" set up as list boxes, so that a user can select the date period they want to look at.

      I want to add a table that shows "sales current month" vs "sales 12 months ago", based on user selections.

      I think it should look something like this, but can't get it to work:





      ({<Month={GetFieldSelections("Month")}, Year={GetFieldSelections("Year")}>} SALES)

      Sum ({<Month={GetFieldSelections("Month")}, Year={GetFieldSelections("Year")-1}>} SALES)


      I get sales for Feb 2010 if i type in the following code: Sum ({<Month={"Feb"}, Year={"2010"}>} SALES)

      I get the Month value (Feb) returned if I type the following code: GetFieldSelections("Month")

      but when I try and combine the 2 into one formula it does not work. Any ideas?