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    Help to create a profit and loss statement

      Hi all,


      I really need help with building a trend sheet with financial data and counts. This is a short version of what I would like to achieve:


      Paying customers10
      Free places2
      Total travellers12
      Group leaders1
      Tour revenue   50,000.00
      Refunds     2,000.00
      Discounts     3,000.00
      Net tour revenue   55,000.00
      Service revenue     3,000.00
      Insurance revenue   40,000.00
      Cancellation revenue     5,500.00
      Total service revenue   48,500.00


      I attached a full version of what I would like to do, and the calculations I would do if I were about to calculate each number separately.


      Can someone please help me out here and show me the smartest way to do this? Just let me know if you need further information in order to help me.


      Thank you very much for your help and input