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    Count visible rows in Title within a Straight Table

      Hi all,


      I am looking to do something very simple, however having reviewed numerous posts / help documentation and Googling - it does not appear to be simple!!


      Can someone please tell me how I can dynamically display the number of visible rows in a Straight Table in the Title?? How is this not an OOTB feature?


      I need to do this quite extensively across numerous objects in multple applications.


      Some caveats if I may:

      • I do not want to use macros (as this causes issues for Access Point users)
      • I would like a reusable solution that will not break if I change an expression or dimension
      • I am happy to explicitly call out the object name if required - this is a minor overhead and will not change


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!




      (Edit: The count should be displayed in the Title)