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    Returning values in order to a table

      Hello, hope the community can help with this one.


      I have a set of data/results from a survey with several users.  I'm trying to crate a set of data by each user as the table below illustrates.


      This is the source data of one of the users.


      8194FocusQuiet Area20


      I would like to create a table that takes the USER as the dimension and where Ans_Text='Focus' return the name in Response_Level_2 and then return the value in Ans_Minutes so that it looks like this in the table. Ideally to have the resulting table in order highest result first.


      UserFocus 1Focus 1 MinFocus 2Focus 2 MinFocus 3Focus 3 MinFocus 4Focus 4 MinFocus 5Focus 5 Min
      8194Noise25Privacy20Quiet Area20-0-0


      In some cases there will be a User with 5 results for the Ans_Text response of Focus so when there is less I want to return a - value or 0 for the items in the table.


      I hope someone can help




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          Matthew Bygrave

          Hi Rob,


          I have a drafted a test application which will meet your requirements. The only thing is the expressions are all hard coded making the table static and not dynamic. Are there only 5 distinct responses for the focus Ans_text? If so you can as in my example hard code these responses as expressions within a straight table.

          See my example for more details. You will need to modify the last 4 expressions of the chart to change the 'Area x' to the correct response.


          KR Matt.