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    Bad AJAX performance in Internet Explorer 8



      I'm facing a performance issue in AJAX in Internet Explorer 8.0 on my enterprise deployment. We are running QlikView 11.2 IR in a 2 server setup - QVS on one server and Publisher in another.


      When I open a QV workbook in AJAX it takes about 15 secounds from clicking the workbook until it is fully loaded.

      When using the IE Plugin it takes between 4-5 secounds for the same procedure.


      The QV workbook, which is a dashboard with a lof of graphs is a relatively small application in terms of data size - the workbooks are only approximately 3-5 megabytes.


      The server running the QVS itself is a relatively largescale server with 32 cores and 128 GB Ram (or maybe more, cannot remember).


      So, does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve the performance in AJAX? Or is this a known issue?

      Couldn't really find anything on this issue in the community.


      Thanks a lot!