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    Stack Chart question - using ValueList() function

    Mark Monfort

      Hi all


      I have a problem with stacked charts and also the use of the ValueList function which I've recently learned to use.


      I am trying to create something that can be done in Excel (as is shown here: http://peltiertech.com/WordPress/clustered-stacked-column-bar-charts/)


      Anyway I tried doing it in Qlikview via the ValueList function. I have attached the QVW file which I have been able to make work one bar. However I need this solution to work for multiple bars side by side.


      I have a 2nd expression in the bar chart which when enabled I thought would give me the dual bars side by side but it does not do this. If you have a look at the file you will see the behaviour when you enable and un-enable the 2nd expression.


      Also, please note that I have not made the expression work for all of the values in the value list but I have done it for 4 of the ones that have the largest values.



      Can somebody please help me this question?




      Thank you