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    expression aggregate for supplier

    Andrea Rebora

      Dear All,


      I need a very helpfull information from you.

      I have an expression that show me the lead time of the supplier, using as a dimension the IdSupplier.

      This expression is  =NUM(AVG(OrderArrivalDate-OrderDate),'#.##0')

      I modified this expression, as suggested in this community, to have the forecast of OrderArrivalDate using the avg in a chart with the ID Order as dimension


      alt(OrderArrivalDate, OrderDate + avg({<OrderDate>}total <[IdSupplier]> OrderArrivalDate-OrderDate)


      This expression works quite well, but only if i select a specific Supplier.

      I need that this expression shows the avg of each supllier, not the avg of all supllier with out any selection on the suppliers

      I attach the chart for your perusal


      The Forecast Date should be different for each order's supplier. In red I highlight that the difference of two dates is always the same


      I hope you can help me, because it is very important for my schedules.


      Many thanks


      Best regards