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    XML files




      I have a little problem to locate some XML files:


      First i will explain our environment:


      First we had in production 1 server: QV02

      Then we added QV03

      QV03 was replaced by QV04 what was a much more powerfull server

      Then we added a new server QV05


      On QV02 there is QVS and QDS

      On QV04 there is QVS

      and on QV05 there is QVS and QDS


      There is a cluster for QVS but no cluster for QDS.


      On the server QVWEB01 there all the log files are stored


      All servers are running QV 11.20 (on windows 2008 R2)



      On QVWEB01 i can find all XML files for QV02 (C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\ManagementService\QVPR)

      But i can not find any XML files for QV05 (not on QV05 and not on QVWEB01)

      I want them to be on QVWEB01



      Any suggestions?