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    Reload external document, manage errors back

    Paolo Rena

      Hi to all,


      issue: i need to make a loader.qvw document, that reload another qvw file.

      For example:


      loader.qvw: reload file.qvw and manage the errors sent back.

      Imagine to have similar code (that i wrote in java to be more clear) in the script of loader.qvw:


      try {

              RELOAD file.qvw

      } catch (fileerror e) {

              exit script;



      file.qvw: set a variable vTmp=100


      1. Can you give me an example to relaod another external QVW and manage the error of the called document? Is better to develope that via macro or scripting?

      2. Is it possible to have back to loader.qvw a variable that is set in file.qvw?


      Thank you for the support.