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    Wierd Behavior with Arabic text in Set Modifiers

    Atif Rahman

      Hi all,

      I am having a really hard to diagnose issue.

      I have the following Variables:


      =concat(distinct {$}ENAME, ',')

      =subfield(ApproverList, ',', 3)

      =MaxString({$<ENAME = {$(Approver1)} >}STATUS)


      Where ENAME is a qvd field.

      The Problem:

      When ENAME contains roman characters, e..g "unv@email.gov.sa", ApproverStatus1 behaves as expected. WHen ENAME contains arabic characters e.g. "???? ???????", ApproverStatus1 doesnot give the desired behavior.

      When i change ApproverStatus1 definition to be:


      =MaxString({$<ENAME = {"???? ???????"} >}STATUS), ApproverStatus1 works correctly again.

      Approver1 variable is always giving the correct result regardless of character set. Infact, the result of Approver1 has been copied to check the arabic constant field in the last ApproverStatus1. Still the problem remains.

      Is there any specific setting for variable assignment using extended character sets which are either in unicode or UTF-8?