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    Solved - database issue..Script stops when importing qvd and data from access

      Got a Qlikview file which I use to compare data. Data from previous years are stored as qvd's and data from this year is stored in access.

      All files/data are stored  in the same server/directory


      The file works fine on my pc and my co workers pc. We have the same pc model "Dell optiplex 790"

      windows xp pro  version 2002 service Pack 3.


      But when I open the file on two other pc's - Dell Optiplex 760 (windows xp pro  version 2002 service Pack 3) and rund reload - the program freezes.




      We have the same version of Qlikview 11.01  - The machines are identical regarding software / setup -


      Any Ideas? What is causing the problem on the older pc (optiplex 760)??




      Claus Kristensen