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    script help in Budget Report


      i got a budget report for forecast vs actual revenue billed by year & by month.

      In that report, when user selects a month which is less than current month, one column should show the actual revenue, otherwise forecast amount.

      And when user selects multiple months, same logic should be applied by summing up.


      please help me to achieve this.


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          sushil kumar

          you can acheive this using conditional show in expression. in your expression check the condition checkbox..


          there you can put condition like =if(getfieldselections(month)=vPreviousmonth,1,0)



          calculate the previous month variable...





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              Hi Sushil,

              thanks for your help.


              but, we got the fiscal calendar which is 1st July - 30th June.

              so, how can I calculate the previous month variable?


              i tried below logic, but didn't go well.

              IF(GetFieldSelections([Fiscal Month])<month(today()),[Billed Revenue],Forecast)


              probably , need to create Inline table to get Fiscal Month Number?