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    Set Analysis For Rolling Months

    Niky Rathod

      Hi All,


      I am facing challange to change a set analysis expression...


      PFA png image with sample data


      I have following fields with me------

      1.) ReportMonth = OL_ReportMonth_FY

      2.) ReportMonth = Month(OL_ReportMonth)

      3.) OL_Quarter

      4.) ((Year("OL_ReportMonth")-1)*12 + Month("OL_ReportMonth")) as OL_ReportDateID

      5.) ((Year("OL_Date")-1)*12 + Month("OL_Date")) as OL_DateID

      6.) ='Year(ReportMonth) : '&Year(ReportMonth)


      My current expression is : Sum({$<Flag={'7'},OL_DateID={">=$(=Max(OL_ReportDateID))"}>}Amount/1000000)


      If my OL_ReportDateID is 24147 then I want to select OL_DateID with 24147 +12 (Rolling 12 months). My selections will always include a FY and ReportMonth


      Kindly help me with Rolling Months expression without the current selection impact.


      Thanks in Advance..