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    Hide reload window

    Paolo Rena

      Hi to all,


      Is there a way to hide the reload window without using macro?


      I DON'T WAN'T TO USE ReloadEX (1, 0), because the ReloadEX need to open the file, ane in my case there are so many qvw that will be opened in the same moment in a server, so will be a disaster.

      Is somethig of similar to ReloadEx to launch the reload via shell, or batch?


      Please i need some opinion about that,

      best regard, thank you.


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          Vishwaranjan Kumar

          see this link


          hope this helps you

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              Paolo Rena

              hi and thanks for reply,


              didn't help me.



              I can't open the file in the server. all the program will be launched from shell and not using the QVServer.

              I don't want to use ReloadEx, such ReloadEx need to be applied like below (i don't want to open the document):


              set App = ActiveDocument.GetApplication

              set UserFile = App.OpenDoc ("C:\file.qvw","")

              UserFile.ReloadEx 0,1



              can you help me in that way?

              thank you!

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                  Juan Vitantonio

                  Can't you use QMC? If you schedule the jobs here document's won't open.

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                      Paolo Rena

                      Hi thank you for the reply,


                      no i can't because is not allowed for some reason about tasks parallelism.

                      We really need to use something different, can you help me for that?


                      Thank you

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                          Juan Vitantonio

                          You can find command line reference in the Reference Manual that is under your Program Files\QlikView\Documentation, Book I, Part III, Section 6.1 pasted below.


                          6.1 Command Line Syntax The QlikView command line invocation can be described by the following syntax (for a description of the syntax notation used, see page 535 in Book III): [ path ] Qv.exe [ { switch } documentfile ] The path is the path to the file, either absolute, or relative to the current directory. documentfile::= [ path ] documentfilename documentfilename is the name of your document file. switch is used to mark different options:

                          /r Reload switch. The document will be opened and the script reloaded. Thereafter the document will be saved, and QlikView will close itself.

                          /rp The same as above, but with a partial reload. /l Load new data. The document will be opened and the script reloaded. The document will not be saved and QlikView will remain open.

                          /lp The same as above, but with a partial reload. /v If this switch is immediately followed by a variable name and an assignment, the variable will obtain the assigned value before the script execution starts.

                          /nodata Opens the document without variables, table and field data. This feature is also available for previously opened documents on the Start Page, see page 43. 42

                          /NoSecurity Overrides QlikView security measures against hostile macros and scripts embedded in QlikView documents. No warning dialogs prompting the user to accept potentially harmful code will be shown. Use this switch with caution and only with well-known documents.


                          Example: qv.exe /r /vMyvar=123 abc.qvw Note In order to avoid error messages to appear when executing scripts in batch mode, always set the script variable errormode to 0 in the script (see page 358)

                          They will all open the document which is the obviews things as you are reloading it.

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                              Paolo Rena
                              Yes i already did,
                              but is a little bit more complicated, i'll try to explain the topic better:
                              I have a manager.qvw file that will be scheduled by shell. so the reload of such file will be:
                              cd C:\ Program File\QlikView qv.exe /r /vNomeFile=file.qvw /vPlant=x C:\manager.qvw
                              this manager file will launch the reload of file.qvw.
                              /r allow the reload of manager.qvw without open the document. And that is ok.
                              imagine manager.qvw like a common loader. I'll use it to reload all the file.qvw i will get like parameter.
                              In manager.qvw i developed some method of reload:
                              1. is using the event EXEC. I will press automatically such button by macro in the way that when the reload of manager.qvw start, automatically start the reload of file.qvw.
                              2. another button to launch via batch:
                              Sub LaunchBatch

                                 set app=ActiveDocument.GetApplication

                                  app.Launch "C:\file.bat",""

                              End Sub
                              3. Launch via shell
                              Sub LaunchBatch

                              set app=ActiveDocument.GetApplication

                              app.Launch "C:\file.bat",""

                              End Sub
                              All of above method are ok, and work good. But don't help me in my problem.
                              For my architecture i need to launch the manager.qvw with a parameter of the file that we need to reload, but in transparent way, I don't wanna see "tousen" of window of reload open in my server.
                              So i try to build a system that:
                              - launch cd C:\ Program File\QlikView qv.exe /r /vNomeFile=file.qvw /vPlant=x C:\manager.qvw
                              - automatically reload file.qvw (that is the file passed by parameter in the preavious step) without open the document file.qvw and without see the reload window. All should happen in background (like happen if i'd use QMC).
                              - file.qvw give back to the manager.qvw the variable is initialized inside
                              - manager.qvw have to manage the error of reload generated from the file.qvw.
                              i started to make a macro like that:
                              sub prova2

                                  set nf = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vNomeFile")
                                  nomefile = nf.GetContent.String

                                  set pl = ActiveDocument.GetVariable("vPlant")
                                  plnt = pl.GetContent.String

                                  set App = ActiveDocument.GetApplication
                                  I DON' WANT TO OPEN THE FILE (i only want to reload it)
                                  set UserFile = App.OpenDoc ("C:\" & nomefile,"","")
                                  UserFile.ReloadEx 0,1
                                   ' get the content of vNumrow that is a variable in the file.qvw
                                   'and store such variable in manager.qvw variable.
                                end sub
                              HOW CAN I DEVELOPE A SYSTEM LIKE THAT?
                              I WILL ATTACH THE FILE