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    Is it possible to create a case load over time graph?


      How do you display a cumulative number over time based on Open and Close dates?

      Scenario: A database exist with support cases (or say Orders). Each has a StartDate, and if finalized, a CloseDate.

      Is it possible to create a graph showing case load (or orders) in progress over time?

      I.e, for each day in the defined period, a bar or line graph should indicate the number of cases (or orders) that were in progress on that day.

      This means in effect that one entry for each day must be calculated by increasing with the number of StartDates that day, and be reduced by one for each Close Date. This number must then be added to that of the next day, which will either stay the same (if no cases were created or closed), increased (if new cases were opened) and reduced if cases were closed.

      I Hope someone can help!