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    USING AGGR in chart


      I have Sales pr.customer and

      Production pr.customer and manufactorer.


      Im trying to use the aggr function. But when to productionmanufactors have to split Sales on customer, one of the manufactors get NULL.


      In the third column i cant understand why manufactor EB dont get any Sale from customer 10.


      I have sent a Qlikview document with.


      In my qlikview document i want to show the Sales pr.Manufactorer based on their production pr.customer.


      Hope you can help


      Hermann :-)

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          sushil kumar



          Check your data table.. you dont have Revenue for kilde: EB and CustomerNR:10


          That's why it is returning null value.. other wise your expression is ok..





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              Hi Sushil.

              Thank you for youre answer.


              I only have revenue for customers. I want to let the production get their share of the revenue.


              I want the "kilde" share of the revenue.


              Customer 10 100.000

              Production on customer 10 , EB 50 and BT 50, then i want to show 50.000 on EB and 50.000 on BT.

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              Kumar Natarajan



              Exactly i don't know what you want.


              use below mentioned syntex:


              Ex: =aggr(NODISTINCT Sum(Revenue),customerNR)/aggr(NODISTINCT Sum(Count),customerNR,Kilde)




              explain Briefly


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                  Hi Kumar

                  Thank you for youre response.


                  Customer 10 has 100.000 in revenue.


                  Manufactor EB produces 1.000 and BT produces 2.000 to customer 10.


                  I want qlikview to show for EB ((100.000/3000)*1000 =33.333 and for BT ((100.000/3000)*2000 =66.667


                  In the 3.table TO THE RIGHT Qlikview only shows BT and they get all revenue, EB gets NUll. FOR CUSTOMER 10.


                  I want to show Production share of the revenue by manufactor.


                  Hope it helps to understand.

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                      Liron Baram

                      hi the problem you have is due to your data structere

                      the simple solution is to have to seperate tables

                      one for production and one for sales


                      have a look at the attach document

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                          Hi Liron.

                          Thank you for youre answer my problem is that my original document contains 2 GB of data

                          So splitting into to tables is a little complicated. (there are a lot more fields that use in other circumstances. )


                          I  want a chart where the only dimension is "Kilde" and then the "kilde" share of the customers revenue based on their production to the customer.



                          As you can see in reply under this replay. (I only want to use dimension "kilde" in chart. )

                          Berlingske 300.000 (Revenue, from customer 20)

                          BT 66.667 (2/3 revenue from customer 10)

                          EB (33.333+200.000) (1/3 revenue from customer 10 + revenue from customer 15)

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                        I have used Nodistinct. BT is correct now, but EB needs its revenue share from customer 10 and 15.


                        aggr(NODISTINCT Sum( Revenue),customerNR)/aggr(NODISTINCT Sum(Count),customerNR))