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    Add Column to Concatenated Table

      Hello all,


      I have 4 identical tables (split by years in the download) that are concatenated. They are basically Order Information with dates (order date, shipped date, invoiced date, etc).


      What I want to do is, after loading and concatenating the 4 tables, do a couple of extra columns that calculate the time between dates as well as create a flag if the order shipped after it was supposed to.


      I know that I can put these 5 or so calculations in each load statement but that doesn't seem to be the most efficienct. I tried doing something like:


      Load *,

      order date - shipped date as lag_time,

      x - y  as z,


      Resident Orders;


      However, that doesn't seem to work well as it creates syn1 joins and an extra table. I thought about joining the resident table by using order numbers but that doesn't seem to work correctly as some orders have multiple lines.


      Please point me in the right direction. Thanks!