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    QvPlugIn not working: Is the plugin with https compatible?

    Felipe Carrera


      our QV customers access the Access Point via https (extranet). Web Server is IIS7 and we have a machine with the QVS and another machine for the web server. Our customers access the web portal of the second machine. Our customers can see the documents for the ajax version, but when trying to open with plugin, they get an error message like


      qvp://<intranet server name>iis_authenticate=xxxx&tunneler=https%3A//<Extranet (FQDN)>/QVSTunnel.dll%3Fhost%3D<intranet server name> could not be opened



      https://<Extranet>/QvAjax../AccessPoint.aspx?open=id=QVS<intranet server name>


      I have tested using the link machine name = the domain name that customers access, but they still receive the same error message.


      For users inside our intranet (using the same URL and custom accounts from QMC), the plugin works fine.


      i have two questions:


      1. Why our external customers get this error and cannot use the IE plug in? (all off them with IE 9 or less)

      2. Does QvPlugIn work with https? Initial connection not necessarily via http, but https. It seems there is a problem between the qvp and the external client

      3. what shall i change in the QMC so that it works? Ports are open


      many thands