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    Display (a box with) additional pieces_of_information inside a diagram

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I am facing the following challenge:

      I have a diagram which I have currently put into a container, together with a second one. The trick is, I can put only ONE object in every compartment <-> I would like to display (a box with) additional pieces_of_information in the first diagram - a number of variables, so I could principally put it in a textbox or whatever I like - but as it is within a container which I have drawn as big as possible on the sheet, the box is currently inside the diagram (or container) area - so when I select the other tab of the container to view the second diagram, this box remains visible and it now covers the data.

      I cannot group objects like I can in Excel (except for dragging or aligning them) and I cannot make QlikView regard them as one object, can I?

      Is there any way I can get those additional pieces_of_information in a nice-looking form into my diagram, so that they are displayed only when this compartment of the container is open, but not when the other one is open?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,