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    ReloadEngine is down

      Hi dear QV Community


      Perform installation used and QlikView server settings correctly x64 11.2 Sr1, when trying to allocate JOBs to documents emerged me the message that the service engine reload this down, I tried the following to resolve the problem and I could not do


      1. Ensure thatit is installed. Net Framework 3.5SP1and 4.0
      2. Theservice useris Localand administrator atmaquin
      3. InwindowsDCOMCNFG.EXEassignall permissionstouserand groupservicesin theQlikViewBatchQlikAdmin7.0 Applicationand theQlikView7.0 Application
      4. LocalpolicessecurytInasgineserverpermitsthe userof theserviceto "Log on as abatchjob".
      5. Restart the machine

      Note: All step was executed guided by


      I think the problem may be that the server has a very long name the machine (WPASQVC15DTI1), I tried to change the service URL in System -> Setup-> QVS @ wpasqvcdti1 General tab.


      Now: qvp ://wpasqvcdti1/

      New: qvp ://localhost/


      When I click Apply I get the error message "A cluster node was added, please enter the control number"