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    Send to Excel More 65000 rows in QlikView 11.00 SR1 with Plugin 11

      Good morning,

      after we migrated to version 11.00 SR1 we have some problems with export.

      Before, with version 9 and plugin 9, when a client trried to export more of 65000 rows in Ajax export a file in csv but Plugin create automatically an Excel file with more sheets of 6500 rows.For example, if we exported 150000 rows plugin export cretated an excel with 3 sheets(1st 65000 rows,2nd 65000 rows and 3th with 20000 rows)

      Now, with qlik 11 and plugin 11 when export more of 65mila rows export a csv in ajax and also by plugin.......

      there is a solution about this???

      many thanks and best regards :-)