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    Bug in QVX SDK 2.0


      We believe there is a bug in QvxSDK_2.0 library which does not allow us creating a custom connector.



      Is there any newer version of QvxSDK being prepared?

      Has anyone already encountered this kind of problem?


      Problem description:

      To load data from our data source we call methods of a third party DLL COM-object.

      1)It works without any problem in a standalone mode where we use exactly the same query as the one generated in QV script, and it addresses the same methods as those addressed from within QlikView:


      internal class QvCustomConnection : QvxConnection


      public override void Init()



      MTables = new List<QvxTable>


      new QvxTable


      TableName = "Table1",

      GetRows = GetTable1,

      Fields = Table1Fields




      2)But when running the connector from within QlikView it deadlocks in our GetTable1 method, precisely in the moment when we call any of our COM-object methods.

      3)Moreover, when running the connector from within QlikView if we call our GetTable1 method ourselves directly in the Init() method, it works just fine.

      Thus, we believe there is no bug in our custom code but there is one in the QvxSDK library itself.


      Tested QlikView versions: all subversions of QlikView Desktop 11.